The presumption that your offer is a fit for anyone is simply a fool’s errand! If you believe that you are all things to all people, you are frankly nothing to nobody!

Getting people to yes is not about the sales funnel, addressing objections or the follow-up… and it’s even less about the pushing, pulling and convincing. When you empathetically understand your customer’s problems so that you can craft solutions that feel custom-made, they’ll invite themselves into your conversation.

90% of purchasing decisions are made emotionally.

Getting to YES is about seducing them to open their wallet; it’s about touching their heart, making their knees knock, their tears flow, and grabbing their funny bone. When you narrow your audience focus, target their dread and dust off their dreams to connect with your Ideal Customer’s future, you will discover there’s Riches in Niches… we can help you uncover who you should be targeting.