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In each of us there resides an expertise–a core set of values and an intention that collectively informs our story. What’s yours? Can you tell it in 9 Seconds? Because that’s all the time you have to Grab Your Audience’s Attention. Gone is the notion that stories only happen when you’re successful. In fact, it’s your story that connects with your audience and helps you reach success. We make it Super Simple for You to Brand You—Come On, Let’s Connect… Your Fans Are Waiting.

We created Canada’s first online shopping centre

In 1996, we created Canada’s first online shopping center—before Google or PayPal, and way before FaceBook. First to Market is a freakishly frightening proposition and not for the faint of heart; however, if you’re patient and wait long enough for the times catch-up with your crazy ideas, those outlandish schemes become mainstream and suddenly one is an overnight genius marketer! And look: those Personal Shoppers are today’s “Sticky Avatar”!

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Of the 3,000 daily marketing messages just 54 are noticed and only 4 are remembered!

Fourteen years ago we published a White Paper about eNTERTICEMENT, a fusion of multiple traditional media within an Internet site that offers a prime-time audience habituating content and enticements to shop while at the same time offering advertisers effective measurable branding venues while delivering an online entertainment medium that revolutionizes advertising on the Internet.

Today’s reality of eNTERTICEMENT is slightly different than we imagined: the platform is mobile—everyone is consuming his or her culture via phone;  however, the 

A fusion of multiple traditional media with habituating online content:

visual storytelling that entertains and entices purchasing.

demand for compelling storytelling has never been more critical for business success whether you’re an entrepreneur, retailer, or corporation.
Today, there is no sale without the story and the story begins with you!

With 3 thousand marketing messages parading before us on a daily basis, our cluttered minds rarely focus on just one thing at any given time in this chaos driven Attention Deficit world we live in. Of the 3,000 daily messages just 54 are noticed and only 4 are remembered! Are you, your business and your content noticed and remembered?

Your Audience is Impatient and Primed for Instant Gratification.
Don’t leave your message to fate or take too long to tell it!
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