smiling… it’s just good for business!


why are those people laughing…

Don’t ya just wanna invite yourself into the conversation so you can get in on the joke too! It’s Attraction Marketing at it’s finest… when the customer invites themselves into YOUR Conversation! No begging, bragging or bravado… they just want to get in on the experience! How are you enticing your customers?

93% of our communication is non-verbal

The Smile Enigma is all about our Facial Fascination… if you’re happy… Ya Gotta tell your Face because by looking at just 2 eyes, a nose and a smile your audience can decipher and predict an extraordinary range of emotions; personality traits and intentions. Your smile even “sounds” friendly on the phone!

everyone has a story to tell

Branding yourself with a well crafted story crafted that connects with your ideal customer becomes that much richer when told with a smile. As if by Magic, that smile of yours INFLUENCES your audience. Your story becomes that much more believable because your smile telegraphs friendly trustworthiness—our brain has a region specifically for recognizing; interpreting and responding to human faces.

Laughter and a little open-mindedness can bring us all together… it’s Key to Attraction Marketing.

How does your Brand Influence?