DITCH THE PITCH! Move from"Now to WOW" to transform your business from unnoticed to unforgettable so that you can stop playing hide and seek with your audience. I help you #GetNoticed so that your customer has a target 🎯to throw their wallet at! Come meet your prospects where they’re at and uncover your power to

The Future

ain’t what it used to be…

Regardless of the industry or the products and services you offer, AI is poised to revolutionize the way we work, think, and live! I want to shake up your perceptions, spark your imagination and engage your creativity so that you discover how to play and participate in this new domain to transform your business.

IMAGINE...what if

i’m Darcie and i’m a Visual Storyteller and I see things in pictures and i dream in colours. Folks read images 60,000 times faster than text so Visual Storytelling grabs attention faster and will  #GetNoticed quicker.

they invited themselves

Nail your response to their question, “And what do you do? with a gob-smacking retort and the magic will happen because their curiosity switch “clicks in” and THEY invite themselves into your conversation?

lead generation was easier

Before they buy from you they first gotta buy you. Discover how to sell yourself without selling your soul.

you got noticed…

And you didn’t have to take your clothes off to do it!

your content had “the feels”

so that you touched hearts, made knees knock, grabbed funny bones and made tears flow to connect with your audience because Hey, you’re talking their language!

you could reach into 

into your Buyer’s Brain and Influence their purchase…

Come Uncover the hidden persuaders…

you transformed your business

With this awesome new world of Ai. It is changing the way we do business… let me show you how.

we were captivated

by them as kids…

Today’s successful entrepreneurs have discovered that storytelling is the secret ingredient to sales. The facts may tell, but it’s the stories that sell! And research says, “90% of purchases are emotional”––that’s a lot of feelings to tap into!

CRAFTING A GREAT STORY is like mixing an angel’s cocktail––you need just the right balance of ingredients to make it irresistible. With a dash of attention-grabbing drama, a splash of relatable characters, and a generous pour of the emotional dopamine drip for heartwarming emotion, and you’ll have your customers sipping on your story like it’s the finest vintage. Come make a splash in the marketplace and dust off your marketing skills. Start stirring-up a cocktail that will leave your customers thirsting for more.

what’s your avatar’s panty personality 

who's your target audience

I’ve crafted a program called, “Your Avatar’s Underpants” to help you wrap your head around Your Ideal Customer, their personality, their foibles, their character and their points of connection. Doris for example may wear a G-String and Your Hot Mess Mom may sport Granny Wackers because they’re the only comfy thing she owns. Maybe Randy could have a far better game if his kickers weren’t in a knot! And Larry… well he needs a life, or at least some better lighting. CONSIDER THIS: Your offer may cater to each of these customers but your content and how it connects must be specific to each of their hopes, dreams, fears and problems.  

Crafting stories without a specific audience in mind, is like trying to write a love letter To Whom It May Concern!  Without a clear understanding of who your target audience is, your brand story and proposition just won’t connect. 

content creation

creativity in a chaotic dance…

Feeling like a market merchant shouting “Buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff,” but your customers have plugged their ears with indifference? News Flash: They need to buy you before they buy from you. You need to win their hearts just like a worker bee wins over her hive with a groovy waggle dance, to communicate, direct, and expose them to the sweetest nectar hotspot in the meadow.

You’re a problem solver, but the conundrum is… they may not even be aware they need a solution! Old content tactics don’t cut it anymore. It’s time to choreograph your own content dance that engages, enlightens, and converts by incorporating visual storytelling, buyer psychology, and persuasive language, all synchronized to hit the purchase button.

So if your content isn’t getting The Buzz you’re after, perhaps it’s time to join me in a Hive of Content Creation backed by a symphony of Generative AI Tools.

StickyBee Services

i help digital entrepreneurs Build Better Brands so that they #GetNoticed without having to take their clothes off!
I do this using my enTERTICEMENT Method. 


Get’ em STICKY 🐝  

Your STRATEGY is The Buzz🐝  we’re all after, that electrifying sizzle that makes your proposition pop and your program zing! It’s your Big Picture Place in the space custom-tailored to echo your voice, align with your values and amplify your vision so that your audience gets sticky, gets stuck and gets ’em to stay. But how, you ask? 

👉 LEARN more about the Strategy to Gener8BUZZ.


Get’ em STUCK 🐝  

90% of the content consumers receive is forgotten in 2 days, hack into your buyer’s brain to lay claim to the 10% they remember! BEE MEmorable “buy” DESIGN so that your audience relates, connects and plays with your engaging content by delivering the message they want – they act on what they remember, not what they forget! 

👉 UNCOVER how craft experiences to engage our Customer’s Journey.


Get’ em to STAY 🐝  

Take ACTION my Fellow disruptors, innovators, and forward-thinkers come join me in this new playground –where  traditions crumble, old playbooks collect dust, and the status quo is as obsolete as a floppy disk. You see, in this brave new world, we’re not just peddling products we‘re creating experiences.

👉 DISCOVER the tips, tricks and techniques to Get Connected.

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i’ve created a number of courses and programs to help you
in a way that embraces technology, creativity and the timeless art of storytelling
while gently reaching into your Buyer’s Brain to Influence a Purchase. Let’s See which path is right for you.
Begin with a Friction Audit
build a BetterAudience
build a Better Profile
build Better Persausion
build Better Visuals
build Better Stories
build Better Video
Let's Build Your Brand to Gener8BUZZ

When we hear a Tale

The Electrical Pulses
are Ignited!
Neuroscientists say that, “Neurons that Fire Together, Wire Together”. 
These Sparked Neurons trigger our memory to open the gate to not only
receive more  information but connect with old,
like-minded experiences!